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Tag: timelines

Toward the Upside

Today was a rough one. Occasionally, the persistent conflict, incomprehensible violence and incongruous, escalating social nonsense frays the nerves, accumulates in the mechanism, and overwhelms the coping and carrying capacity.


It’s generally understood that the mind can’t distinguish between what is imagined to be happening, and what’s actually happening out in the world (i.e., you benefit from either imagining that you’re working out at the gym, or by actually going to the gym). What if everything we’ve ever imagined having done or achieved has already happened?

Super, Human

We are sovereign, creator beings, here to heal and support the massive wave of change, that is shifting and realigning (collapsing) timelines and realities toward our natural, beneficent, wholistic expressions — in the highest forms, in the greatest version, of the truest vision we have ever held for humanity.