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Our Worth

The self-worth game can be an ugly one. But, when we’re open to it, the lessons and learning reveal themselves readily enough.

It is through deep authenticity, and genuine vulnerability that healing and understanding is initiated, and maintained. We can’t begin to glean the wisdom of life unless we’re able to be honest with ourselves, and to admit we don’t know what we don’t know — and to be alright with that.

To raise ourselves to the higher-level consciousness required to solve the mystery, we have to drop some baggage, as it were, to let the balloon float up. Perspectives shift, perception expands, and an ease is afforded us — to see and to assimilate new information.

And in that new lightness of being, we look up at a whole new horizon, and remember something more of all that we really are . . .

We learn as we grow, grow as we listen, and hear as we realign with the heart.

Love your life,