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Why, I Am Here!

Purpose can be an elusive notion. We go through life gleaning insights, aspirations, and perspectives from influencers and our environment, but we’re also born with a compass and a map. We just don’t live in a world that actively engenders spiritual relationship with the self.

Why am I here?

If you can ask why, you have therein defined the answer; the why is the point, it’s the thing of it, the modus operandi, and the locus of authority with respect to any and all decision-making.

Consider that what you are beyond the physicality and linearity of time and space is not subject to the limits of the mind nor imagination. Suddenly, you may be able to make the leap into the understanding that there is no accident to who you are now, who your parents are, why certain people come across your path, why everything happens the way it does – and thus you may begin in earnest to group it under the umbrella of “I did this”.

Who else but you?

How you see the world is nothing like how I see it. There are similarities, details that resonate and relate, but our experience is entirely our own. In every moment, the raw data is pure potentiality, but instantly, our weight-bearing intentions, our beliefs and our perception filters limit, compress, encode and repackage all-that-is into that which is accessible and practicable for our terrestrial hearts and minds. We may both say “I love you”, but the meaning is essentially of two different dialects. Still, even with the polarity that is the ever-changing dichotomy of desires, somehow it can work quite beautifully; harmony is created with two or more voices, and the advent of a song simply requires conscious attention and awareness.

The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but is, rather, the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.

Glenn Gould

You are here.

Regardless of outward influences or inspiration, choice is always uniquely personal. There may be agreements and contracts, and perhaps even karmic energies in play, but on some level, that was consciously decided upon. You’re here to learn, explore, and to expand upon what was, what is, and what can be. You have a purpose, and an art form.

You are the why. And so, you’re responsible for your actions.

You did this. Assume your power of creation. Arise from fear.

Solvitur ambulando