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Rewriting the Rules

Today, we have mounting scientific evidence to back up claims and ideas that we can overcome most any health condition, and actively alter the ways in which our genes express themselves. We can, and do, choose how our mind and body represent our spirit and consciousness.

As the waves of elevated energetic shifts continue, these seemingly mystical, miraculous, rare — and generally considered impossible feats of human capability — will become more commonplace, and eventually the rule, rather than the exception.

What is great about this is that when we speak about the “average person”, or what we consider the majority of the population, there will come a time, not too far from now, when the majority will live as those who are right now at the leading edge of consciousness exploration; it’ll be quite normal to simply be calm, confident and fully capable of self-healing, should an issue arise. We’ll be so in tune and in love with our bodies that ailments won’t even have a chance to take hold.

You may disagree, but I believe that it’s not normal for the majority of people to worry about cancer, heart disease, or even the common cold. It’s not normal for the body to age, wrinkle, wither and die before even a century has elapsed.

Yet we’ve made these things normal. We perpetuate and accept the lies, distortions and half-truths. We continue to suppress our innate, limitless abilities, and thus we continue to suffer. But suffering is a great teacher, and ultimately, a spiritual catalyst.

There are many brave, daring, courageous and authentic souls who are pushing the boundaries, and exposing what’s been underneath the facade the whole time. Every day, we’re learning (remembering) more about the truth of our creator-selves and our infinite natures. We’re learning how to tap into our elevated (liberated) states of consciousness and emotions, and to be increasingly aware of how our body, and our outer world, is in constant communication with us… and we’re learning to let go of the idea that our bodies are our minds, and that our minds are simply ceaseless thinking machines.

Every system we’re uncomfortably living and working within will be getting a shakeup, just the same as we are on the inside.

Give energy consciously to the thoughts and beliefs and ideas you would prefer to embody. Release resistance to the old, small stories. Love whatever comes up. Hear the terrified, angry, anxious, doubting voice, and know that isn’t all that you are. It never was, but it allowed you to explore and experience what this reality has to offer. Now you are free to elevate, to foster a space of love, to expand your consciousness, and to rewire your nervous system.

Rewrite your rules. No one can do it for you, but everyone can inform, inspire and challenge you, and mirror your progress.

The truth is, it’s all actually OK.

Solvitur ambulando