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Let’s Be Honest

Let’s be honest. Start with the heart and build out from there.

This life can knock you around, but in my experience, we are most awful with and to ourselves.

Thus, we define a society addicted to the desperation of finding solace from everywhere but within, and only too quick to seek covers, costumes and masks for who and what we are — and to appear acceptable, as judged and projected by the magazines and movie screens.

Close your eyes. Hear that? That chime is singing inside, gentle on the meandering, ethereal breeze, always holding a loving space for you. You’re OK.

Our paths are our own, though we may share it with fellow wanderers or adventurers once in a while.

They’re all just as unsure of themselves. They all wonder about some of the ridiculous, painful things that pass through their weary minds.

They’ve endured some form of living hell, in this life or another, so know that sometimes just your quiet presence is healing.

In this present, mindful manner, you heal the world.

Endeavor to intimately connect with the real you. Be curious about the whole thing.

The lingering pests of inane and dysfunctional ideologies tend to poison the stream, but we can let go of them at will. We shouldn’t need so many elaborate rules to make reality tangible anyway. We need to feel more.

Let’s be honest. Your generous heart could do with a little less heaviness, and the freedom to simply be.

Solvitur ambulando