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Tag: emotional intelligence

Change, or Die

Life, is change. It is inevitable. If that’s a stressful idea, fraught with anxiety, it’s attached to some notion that anything in this place is anything but transient. You will “die”, so get on with living.

Our Worth

The self-worth game can be an ugly one. But, when we’re open to it, the lessons and learning reveal themselves readily enough.


Just because something, or someone, isn’t available to you right now, doesn’t mean the desires and feelings aren’t valid.


Vulnerability is a tricky thing.

We live in a society that has many convoluted ideas about what strength is, what power is, what courage is. We live in a society that thrives (well, subsists) on base function and emotional bargaining, manipulation, and underdevelopment.

So, vulnerability, as an adult, is a tricky thing.