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The Many Faces of a Staged Play

All plays have a script, a cast, director, a stage, props, rehearsals, and ultimately, the show’s run. The ongoing plandemic of 2020 is part of a broadly orchestrated, long-term, well-funded play, covering many aspects of society as we know it. Many may still believe it to be a story about a virus — a novel, mutating contagion infecting, hospitalizing, and killing countless millions all over the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the End

Audio Version (music by Sergii Pavkin) When life comes to reclaim the raw materials, the choosing is done. We may have our wits, our memories,…

Time Thief: On Complaining

There are numerous ways in which we give away, lose, or are stolen from energetically, psychically, physically, and temporally in this linear world. We choose the ways in which to spend our precious limited number of moments, minutes, hours, days, and years exploring life and allowing things to unfold. But if we live unconscious and unaware, never present and never noticing what can be autonomic and automatic, time is literally stolen from us; those who are aware of and consciously manipulating the strings profit from our squandered talents and abilities.