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Tag: wellbeing

You Are the Medicine

If you can really grasp the depth of the power of ideas, thoughts, learning, mind control, and conditioning, you will see how there is absolutely no need for any “virus” to exist for there to be a “pandemic”. No “contagion” is needed at all for many millions of people to become ill, or even to die.

Clean Slate

You are going to die. Fearing it doesn’t matter. Being OK with and accepting it doesn’t matter either. How will you live? How will you be of service? How will you fulfil that which calls to you in this lifetime?

Simple Being

Our modern world affords us a multitude of tools, methods and modalities with which pursue our aims, goals and ends — in virtually all aspects of life. The means, however, are far more complicated, distracting and misleading than we’d like to believe.

What Really Is There to Overcome?

Since the advent of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, pharmaceuticals, and grandiose illusions of purpose, meaning, and happiness, those who do not fit neatly into “normal” behavior have faced stigma and violent prejudice. We have also dehumanized large segments of society in favor of political, ideological, economic, or dogmatic ignorance and stupidity.