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Simple Being

Our modern world affords us a multitude of tools, methods, and modalities with which to pursue our aims, goals and ends — in virtually all aspects of life. The means, however, are far more complicated, distracting and misleading than we’d like to believe.

In a market economy, everybody is oriented toward selling something to somebody else. Think about how much time, energy and focus you expend in a week toward either making a living, or sustaining a lifestyle. Most of us are dependent on an income. Most of us are just keeping our heads above the water. This is not a healthy state of affairs! If we were to stop, or to walk away from our routine for a week, would it all collapse in around us? Would the home, vehicle, and possibly, the children be taken away?

What choice do I have?

If that question arises, it’s even more important to reassess just what the hell you’re doing with your limited time here. Choice is everything.

There’s a madness around technology and machines today that’s pulling us well away from all that is natural and human — never mind humane, sensible and necessary. We’re so adamant about and addicted to the misleading ideas surrounding technological fixes and solutions, focusing ever more energy and resources into intensive, wasteful, myopic and underwhelming results. Part of the dysfunctional psychology that perpetuates this ignorance is a rather sweeping global narrative that is proving quite effective in fostering an unease and desperation, paranoia and a general fear of everyone. Layer on an escalating cynicism and distrust in our ancient control systems, our impotent political hierarchies, and our world’s ultra-violent financial matrix, and you’ve got a recipe for increasingly restless humans.

This, obviously, gives rise to a fractured consciousness that is pliable, manipulable, controllable, and ripe for subjugation — to an order of magnitude greater than what has been previously possible. We’re willing participants of our own demise, yet our only recourse is to blame somebody else, while quietly hating on ourselves for our apparent weaknesses. 

The more apps and gadgets and smart tech we create, the more we unwittingly generate and introduce an array of problems and issues and bugs and wasteful code, massive material waste, and convoluted processes that eat up enormous cognitive, emotional and physiological resources. If the grand idea was and is to create ease, to solve problems for people, and to make living and thriving a more fluid, productive and liberating experience, clearly, we’re doing an absolutely shit job of it.

The more connected we have technologically become, the more disoriented, defensive, offensive and individualistic is our behavior. The more interdependently we aspire to exist, the less independent, stable, safe, and reliable we feel. You can be online 24/7, with multiple devices, but no one is really ever there. And the more addicted you are to your ringtones and incessant notifications, the less you are present in your “real” life. There is no substitute for real, natural connection and real, vulnerable and authentic communication.

Relying on external devices, tangible or not, subdues, negates and suppresses what is natural and remarkable about us. We look to masters, gurus and saviors, books, movies and professors, rather than into our hearts and souls; our vast potential and essence, and our universal substance. We don’t even know where to begin because we’ve been, for countless generations, drawn out of and away from all that is deep and true and resonant and pure. We’ve forgotten our origins, deferred our spiritual intelligence, and denied ourselves our inherent creatorship.

We can take it all back. We can bring it all together.

What we are not are insignificant, mindless, spiritless subjects of a greater power. We don’t have to play along with the timeless games of divisiveness and polarity. We need to better see through them. We need to better understand our impositions. We need to reclaim our simple being.

Simple being isn’t a reductionist, boring and bland notion. Quite the opposite. When the orchestrations and machinations and malevolent systemic obfuscations are made clearly evident — when we reclaim our infinite, untamed perspective — a powerful simplicity will emerge.

Will the real you please stand up?

Solvitur ambulando