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The Great Preset

TRILLIONS of dollars, yuan, euros, pounds, rubles, and other fiat currencies are funneled into the Climate, Pharmaceutical, and Military Industrial Complexes, siphoning our taxes, service corporation (government) budgets, and human resources, without accountability or transparency, year, after year, after year, generation after generation.

There is no hunger, homelessness, disease, scarcity, nor lack, that isn’t by someone’s choice or design.

There is no problem, issue, nor concern, that isn’t perpetuated for the benefit of a corporation’s bottom line, or the malevolent parasitism of special interests and ancient bloodlines.

Inflation, interest rates, recession, depression, GDP, CPI, and other made-up fictions and machinations, are merely tools with which the game is enriched, to appear real, substantial, and legitimate, to have an apparent, tangible impact on the world. And we play along.

There are no lies in nature.

Please stop trying to be grateful. If you feel ungrateful and entitled, if you gripe and complain, take that as signal of a cutoff from what is true, and do something to remind yourself of the good gift of the world. Here is my simple suggestion: Go outside and find a handful of good earth, bring it to your nose and take a full breath of it. Just take it in. Release any idea of learning a lesson from it, receiving a teaching, or making meaning. Just take it in, the smell of the good earth.

May the truth of the world’s goodness touch you today. May you again know the full-body awe of the gift, the gift, the gift of creation.

— Charles Eisenstein

Nothing you believe that needs to be resolved or rectified in the modern world needs to exist. The established structures and narratives live on and ceaselessly mutate only because we choose to subdue our inherent knowing, our intuition, our artful, creative selves, our spiritual guidance, and our heart-centered presence.

Big lies, manufactured histories, and widespread, insidious propaganda, repeated and repurposed for millennia, persist because we choose to give those ideas and beliefs validity, value, and authority over our own better knowing.

Don’t let them fix your gaze.

— Jason Christoff

We are not born ignorant, divisive, fearful, self-sabotaging, distrustful, anxious, or prejudiced. We are engineered to be so.

Walk on, with eyes open.