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Transience and Motion

A sandy wall that erodes with regularity, by all appearances. The names of local youth and others who’ve ventured by and decided to leave their mark — some are in love, some are quite alone, hoping to be seen. Further down, even Covid-19 signed the wall, memorialized in 2020.

I would share a little rant about the layers of polarizing subjects being thrown at us this year; we were asking for the reality-splitting shake-up of the century. We found a way to at least temporarily forestall the spiraling into extinction. We generated a singular movement that revealed so much, so quickly, and gave us a breath of pause, and a breadth of refreshed capacity. We destroyed the old world. So, what now?

Covering your face will not hide your shame, nor is it an act of solidarity. It just enforces your complacency, ignorance, and fear. Just because someone is famous or in a position of prominence, doesn’t mean they’re intelligent or knowledgeable. Think for yourself.

This is our species at the height of vulnerability, concurrently at its height of narcissism, hubris and raw potential.

Have the courage to reclaim your heart and mind, and to dig deeper to tap the sovereign heart/soul essence. You are a creator being. A fractal of the universe. Seek only what is real. Fear is beautiful. Love is patient and absolute.

You are forever. Chill out.