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The Art of Deduction

You can, and should, write down the hundred-or-so things that are your possibilities.

It was a challenge posed by the inimitable Kyle Cease that we write out a hundred things, daily, for a week—the idea being to break ourselves out of energetic stagnation; to disrupt our set, practiced nervous system (our small stories) to stimulate growth, change, and to shift our lives toward our authenticity.

This is a powerful method of creation (words, symbols, vibration), that invites expansion, stimulates momentum, and opens doors to the unknown, yet inevitably welcome opportunities.

Consider reading the list out loud, then notice and feel into where it shakes things up inside you. I’ve felt both subtle and strong emotions across the board when doing this. I’ve also crossed things out and added them back again repeatedly.

What’s interesting to me, is that after a while it all boils down to essentially three main items, or values, and then, one.

You can probably do the same when writing out a list of aspects of your ideal partner, the job or career or area of mastery you’re wanting to achieve, etc.

Most of the long, endless lists, reduce to core beliefs and values. Maybe, once we get clear on the ultimate answers we seek, we can build out the life we desire, around who it is we actually are, not who we’ve perhaps been pretending to be.

Solvitur ambulando