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A Dearth of the Real on Earth

This morning it’s raining, which makes me chuckle, as a few weeks ago my landlord was saying something along the lines of, “I wonder how bad this drought might get.” Which made me ask, “What drought?” He said, “They’ve been talking about how dry it might get this year.” To which I responded, frowning, “Sounds like they’ve been watching too much TV.”

It both annoys and amuses me how easily people are misled and terrified by the persistent messaging of media manipulators, but at this point, I should not be surprised. I know better, and it’s a waste of time and effort. In observable reality, we’ve barely had a week of sunshine this spring before it rains again for a day or two, and “they” are talking about nonsense like droughts. I recall seeing a few posts last month in the local Facebook group by similarly confused and easily misled people who were quite excited to show and share dramatic and colorful maps of B.C. with zones of “below average rainfall” and happily, ignorantly spreading panic about nothing.

Last year, in the smoky summer of 2023, they experienced a prolonged dry spell on the island, as did much of the province. Fear, frustration, and anxiety reigned supreme as so many fires raged across the province, the majority of which were proven to have been allowed to burn, were caused by arson, or were the result of careless humans doing stupid things. However, as we know, the mainstream media narrative aggressively promulgates and proliferates perpetual climate alarmism. It is pathetic and obvious to those in the know, but the majority of people seem to have no idea about what is real or true or what they should be concerned about.

We’re well into the era of “A.I.” and deep fakery. The technology’s adoption, adaptation, and proliferation are all increasing exponentially. Every day, new and better and faster and “use it for free, just sign in with Google” tools emerge, allowing anyone with any kind of imagination, agenda, intention, or fascination — and a basic internet or mobile network connection — to quickly and easily create photorealistic imagery (photos and video), as well as perfectly fake and believable audio, music, and voice of any kind — and post it to whatever medium they choose, whenever and however frequently they want. It’s thrilling, empowering, revealing, and almost laughably terrifying.

Be wary of those who seek to steal your gaze. And, as we know, “the eye altering, alters all.” Screens and posters and magazine covers and news headlines do not represent real life. They are filtered, adulterated, enhanced, modified, and manufactured. How often do we “beautify” our digital offerings in hopes that none will look too closely?

The covid hoax, like others before it, forcibly drew and diverted more human eyes and attention than ever before, leaving people completely addicted to and reliant on screens of all shapes and sizes for information and communication, business and livelihood, entertainment, and news. Today, it is easier than ever to fabricate any story or narrative, any idea, or any extremist or alarmist nonsense that someone wishes to spread to the public, locally, regionally, nationally, and throughout the realm. We have no idea what’s going on “over there,” and unless we can see it for ourselves — with our own eyes, in person — there’s will be “the truth.”

We don’t communicate face-to-face anymore. We talk to cameras and view screens from awkward angles. There is no eye contact. We listen using earbuds, headphones, and subpar phone, tablet, or laptop speakers. We swipe left, right, up, and down to access all of our news, information, entertainment, potential life partners, and our indoctrination, and education. Hollywood, with its boundless capacity for blatant and overt deception, produces brain-numbing movies like Don’t Look Up, which falsely and misleadingly depicts “a planet-killing comet” that is threatening to destroy humanity from “outer space.” It’s meaningless propaganda, just like every other film, TV series, and popular program produced by the mind-shaping, consciousness-dulling entrainment industry.

But people eat it up because it’s just entertainment, right? And because it features an ensemble cast of every notable A-list Hollywood has-been or wannabe “celebrity,” it must be significant and good, and all eyes must be on it because, as always, the end is near. Be afraid. Always be afraid. And tell others. They should also be afraid.


As we know, or will eventually come to realize, none of it is true. We know there is no climate emergency. There is no new flu outbreak, and there never has been one. There is no such thing as contagion, and “virology” is a falsified pseudoscience; it is nothing but pharma-funded and entirely fabricated mental and spiritual fuckery. Patterns of weather are always fluctuating (climate is always changing, kids), and just because we have access to real-time datasets to measure every single millimeter of rainfall, every gust of wind, every moment of sunshine or artificial moonlight, every so-called coronal mass ejection, and every atmospheric, barometric, or seismic fluctuation everywhere, all the time, it doesn’t mean there’s anything to be perpetually worried about. $cience skews, distorts, and misrepresents data to suit the agenda of its benefactors.

Obviously, bad things happen, and people die. There are many reasons why we fall ill. There are tragedies, iniquities, imbalances, and unfair outcomes, as well as pain, struggle, suffering, and serious issues to deal with. Much of this is also manufactured and unnecessary — malevolent nonsense foisted upon humanity by hands and forces seen and unseen. Regardless, it is essential that we be willing to recalibrate our sensitivities and perceptions in order to regain some sanity and discernment.

By now, we should know that everything in the news media can be and often is fake. I’m curious how many news anchors still exist in real life. How many social media influencers and political pundits are complete A.I. fakes? We know that humans are inherently peaceful, get along, and care about one another. We know that the Earth will always provide us with everything we need. We know that the spread of artificial general intelligence (or, more accurately, machine learning and large language modeling) is only hastening the exposure of liars, deceivers, manipulators, and criminals of all kinds who have been operating in all aspects of modern civilization for generations. We know these parasitic elements can’t hide forever, but they’ll keep trying. That’s the way psychopathy works. They will continue to foster and spread fear by creating and staging fake attacks, wars, shootings, and climate events, as well as attempting to capture and own your heart, mind, and spirit.

It is up to you. You choose how, why, where, and when to play this earthbound game. Choose wisely.

Solvitur ambulando