the trap of specificity is its dependence on a very limited scope of potentiality.

our desired results are entirely based on our current mindset and established beliefs, thus we benefit from becoming aware of the greater reasons for our wants.

the broader, lighter, expansive perspective not only liberates our mind from the chronic pain of discerning the “hows” of a thing, but opens up inroads and paths to what we really want – and better.

when we show up with openness, the inspired action will be most evident, and the gentle hand of guidance will be visible and felt.

the end result of everything, and our singular, true desire is happiness – or feeling good. it’s not a specific lover, or dollar amount, but acceptance, abundance, creativity, health… gratitude, compassion, self-love, and… happiness.

this is a feeling place, and uncommon sense is paramount.

love your life.

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