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crash course

all the rushing around and bumping into things isn’t going to ever add up to fulfilment and purpose. incessant doingness is but a coping mechanism for the spirit’s unrest; rest more.

there is nothing you truly need to do, save to know thyself and to sing your song. the days of unconscious routine and mass conformity are well over – unless we are truly content to keep plowing through resources, poisoning the sea, leveling the forests, building and developing and “progress-ing” in utterly nonsensical insanity, spreading across the planet as quickly as the viral outbreaks we deathly fear and make movies about.

enough with the zombie/herd/consumerist coma, don’t you think?

we’ve conditioned ourselves to accept the brutal, violent and unsustainable ideas such as economic development. the highest level of governance are absolutely soulless. the courts are sausage parties. the banks are run by machine-minds. the educational systems are still stuck in the 1800s – as if life is just to earn, merit, deserve, suffer, struggle, labour, produce, produce, produce… wake up.

our fiat currencies are continually devalued (read “inflation”) and somehow, with better and better technology, everything costs more and more. bullshit. it’s a cyclical game that cannot possibly correct itself out of the downward spiral.

some are building communities off-grid and unplugged, designing holistically, and organically, with nature and within simpler means. these values could and do benefit the collective, and every human, to some degree. centralized systems of distribution of food and electricity are dysfunctional, greedy, inefficient, and unnecessary. we need to reconnect with our neighbours, rather than put up more cameras, locks, gates, and fences. build more gardens.

as i see it, children need conscious, present parents, yet much of an entire generation (well, several) were themselves not properly parented or guided or mentored, resolved to fumble through as best they can, largely severed from the wisdom of elders.

thus, kids are disappearing into apps, and social media, and VR, and video games (tech and toys tired parents use to occupy them), partly because they can’t process or understand the persistent anxiety of their parents…and they’re certainly in no rush to face their fate and the accepted, maddening reality that “adults” live, every day.

hold your children. laugh with them. you have to know they want your happiness, and don’t want to feel like a burden. there’s enough policing and monitoring. trust them. know them. let them know you.

curiosity over control and manipulation. love over force. patience over punishment. conscience and character over fiction, gossip, and cowardice.

fewer words and deeper authenticity.

walk more outdoors. rest more. be easier on yourself. allow more space for intuition and inspired action. recognize coping mechanisms and unconscious rigmarole, and even in the most seemingly mundane, look again. see differently.

love your life
solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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