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drive time

it’s not just about motivation. if your only reason to do something is “i should…” there’s other work to be done first.

when exploring the “why” of a thing, our intuition and foresight can project forward into the vastness of potentiality and partly imagine outcomes. we can inform our decisions with past experience and present understanding.

all along these meditative moments, information is coming in – hits and hints of emotion and insights, doubts and fears, hopes and wants; a flurry of data our mind will filter and interpret, and our heart will attempt to discern.

generally, we don’t afford ourselves much time to seek the full clarity of a thing. life is busy, or intense, or we keep hearing what we don’t want to hear.

clarity, too, is beyond thinking.

if it is to be, it will. it’s not only patience, but trust that is required.

in a culture addicted to instant gratification, intuition and wisdom rank far behind “i want it now”, and “i need to know…” is a remnant of attachment; needing, in general, is founded on beliefs of lack.

thus, apathy will creep in, now and again, primarily as a balancing mechanism. energetically, we need a break and a way to catch our breathe.

we expend a lot of energy caring, or pretending to care, or worried about if we should care, or caring too much about what everyone else is caring about, or caring if anyone really cares about us.

messy. of course they care, but see above.

in a society that is conditioned to cater to the whims of self, yet at the same time does everything to manipulate and destroy and suppress identity and self (worth), it’s no wonder the spirit is so often drifting asea.

clear the organic mechanism. work to understand the superficial needs and desires, but trust the timing of life. whether it’s career, love, or family, all has a perfect space and beneficent place.

motivation is inherent and effortless when love is the fuel and authenticity is the fire.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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