to engender understanding, is to invite understanding; the familial, familiar, and kindred spirit gravitate toward likeness and resonance.

a square peg can fit into a large enough round hole, but that level of compromise will exhaust you, frustrate you, fight you and stress you, time and again. all that wasted energy invites anxiety, worry, emptiness and numbness, hence the massive imbalance in our society of survival instead of thrival and arrival – the tribal, carnal, predictable and crude over the intellectual, spiritual, spontaneous and refined.

this isn’t to suggest an arrest to raw, unabashed passion and wild-eyed pursuit. just the opposite: get into your element[al] to explore and delve into the untapped and beautiful, real, you.

the haze of rote and compromise asks too much. break it to remake it and evaporate the fog that loves only to persist.

you are more. you are enough. clear the slate and let the co-creators manifest.

solvitur ambulando

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