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keeping up with fear

isn’t it interesting some of the patterns that exist in our space and time? i think there are plenty of obvious and hidden layers of conflicting and contrasting energies we’re swimming in 24/7, and i think it’s time we establish some new ones.

the trouble is, perhaps, that we exist at a time, in a place, when and where the contrast and conflict is how we get things done; how we grow; how we integrate, explore, examine, exorcise and amplify. so, is it really sabotage, if we’re only exploring another aspect of our human perspective? is it really holding us back if we keep finding new and different ways to express violence?

it is an intensely polarizing existence – within, and without. but maybe that’s the point, until we finally elevate ourselves out of it, at least perceptually, and most certainly spiritually. our attachments to things, events, and expectations keep us mired. our sticky beliefs keep us subject to their extreme limitations, painfully unaware of how it’s entirely fabricated, at one level or another, and stays not once our fabulous physical vehicle is no more.

you’ve read quotes, i am sure, from the famous, or the vaunted, or the cherished, the geniuses and gurus, the paradigm-shifters and spiritual catalysts, about how they keep achieving and doing superhuman feats because they strive to push themselves out of their comfort zones, and to keep themselves afraid – of stagnating, of settling, of conforming, of being typecast.

we applaud and idolize these daring souls. what we forget is that we all do this, but usually with a more negative, scarcity or lack-based angle. we just don’t recognize its form, or we’re so adept and practiced in it, that it’s just part of our story. it would take a conscious observer to tell us we’re doing it – at least until we’re being honest and authentic enough to be that for ourselves.

the pain, the fear, the anxiety, the worry… indicators of our misalignment with something more true than we’re willing to see, or willing to act upon. feelings are fuel for revelation and integration, and should be paid attention to. they should be embraced and understood, rather than guilted or shamed into a corner, awaiting the next opportunity to come out and slam us in the face again.

use your fears.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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