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lost in transition

sometimes the absurdity of this place is laughable. our ritualistic relationship to money, our spiritual enslavement to our emotions, our escapist philosophies. . .

perhaps i’m tired of certain aspects of our culture, dealing with overgrown adolescents, angry, frustrated, cynical, sarcastic, and unhappy, unfulfilled people – and general stupidity.

a personal perspective, for sure. i have certainly lived and embodied all of these trivial things.

little stresses, unexpected detours, and seemingly unanswered calls to the everything pile up from time to time. we strive to define healthy outlets, rather than reversion, rage, and allowing our cracks and weak spots to be seen. we write, paint, build, demolish, or battle, blame, guilt and shame, and start over and over again.

the greatest mistake is allowing things to get so condensed and concentrated and suppressed that everything and everyone is the enemy. perception is thus not only skewed, but skewered. there’s no clearer a folly, or apparent subjection to the grand Illusion.

so yes, laugh. the god of all things isn’t capable of worry, so why should we be?

we are allowed miracles, and thus we are allowed to recognize them as such, in everything.

look again.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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