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we’re busy. a lot of us are mad busy. a lot of us hide in busy to pretend to be on purpose, or to avoid actually pursuing it. doesn’t matter. this post is about slowing down.

i’m sure i’ve written about it before, but it came to mind and felt important to wax philosophical about the pace at which we live, and the presence we give to our experiences.

we all value different aspects of life. these values change and evolve, as we come into our own, as we grow out of them or away from influencers, and as we mature in perspectives and perceptions. we’re born with an innate compass, and we’re served best in life if we take time on occasion to check in and recalibrate.

there is a natural flow in everything. but in a culture of alarm clocks and schedules and smartphones and distractions, we drift from our inherent pulse and wonder why we rarely find any rest. . .

i held your hand
a moment’s sweet
time stalled and stuttered
my heart complete

even in the insane and overwhelming, we can find wonder and surprise. we can fight and claw and scream and resist… and we can pause and observe the earthbound game in its glory.

in every heartbeat, a lifetime; a memory. with every breath, inspiration or exasperation, or aspiration and countenance. with every laugh. . .

pause, look, feel, see. . .

your eyes have it
the keys to me
unbound and surrounding
it’s love i see

it’s a short stint of a journey, from womb to grave. the in-between is to the authorship of the aware, the rests before notes, the signatures of the contracts.

nothing needs wasting.

look again.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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