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It’s been a strange, vibrant, and sometimes excruciating experience growing up in a generation of such emotionally, mentally and spiritually broken people.

This life has been a blend of pain, suffering, fear, frustration, anger and imbalance, sprinkled with moments of joy, bliss, and true peace and contentment. When I can step back and observe the journey with some objectivity, it either makes me laugh, or cry… or scream.

It’s been pretty raw and real here in 3D. There is a certain beauty in it though. You find it in the slowness and the pauses between breaths.

I’ve been a proper fool for love, many times. My heart has been shredded, pounded and pulverized — yet there really was no other way to destroy the makeshift walls, armor and illusions so to allow for a reboot and reconnecting to the realer me… time and again. These fantastical fictions can run deep, and life doesn’t let someone like me run away with it for too long.

Yet, we choose to come into the sensory, sensual, physical playground. Here and now that’s what is available to us — and it works, given the scope of the intended experience. But we’re too easily convinced that it’s the whole novel, when we’re only just a few pages into the prologue.

It is truly in the walking that it is (re)solved, for idling will only ever foster a consuming rage.

Life says move. Life says dance. Life says carry on.

Solvitur ambulando