Tag: consciousness

cosmic automotive


auto·mobile: self-moving. e·motion: to move (out), stir, agitate. energy. the force of expression. we encapsulate it, in these fine human bodies. our perceptions of what is in what and how the mechanics work is quite varied and controversial. as we shift away from linear, base-model thinking, and incorporate the finer elements of existence in the every…

close, and far


my mother, the one time driving instructor, would tell me “look close, and look far away”. metaphors abound in the everyday. we need to check in, with our heart, our compass, and we need to aspire, inspire, and gratefully anticipate. no one but us is at the wheel, and a purposeful adventure takes a certain…

the practice of presence


it doesn’t always make sense to our linear programming, but somehow, it’s always working to our benefit. there is no wasted time, or energy, just our perception of it. choices move and motivate momentum, and whether we’re conscious of our movements or not, the pieces never stop structuring the cosmos of our environment and stimulating…