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Evolution, Sort Of

Many have talked about how humanity is going through an apparent ascension, awakening, elevating of consciousness and other similar, speculative terms. I am certainly one of them, for which you’d find plenty of evidence in my past articles. But I believe now the idea requires some elemental grounding – and perhaps an alternative, matured perspective, given the events of recent history.

It is a matter of pride in the spiritual, truther community to support, attach to and project into the modern world the notion that all the pain, struggling, suffering and inequity we’ve been put through in recent generations is for some ultimate, higher reason; something greater than all of these events, and the continuing harm they wreak upon humanity must be emerging, right?

Perhaps. But, given that for the past century (and certainly more, but it seems to be happening at an order of magnitude greater in the past hundred years) there have been actors and players both hidden and overt – aggressively carrying out their visions of what is best for the species and their aims – isn’t it possible that without their persistent, nefarious intervention that we would in fact be much further along?

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

― George Orwell

Even a cursory examination of key events of the recent past can lead one to surmise that someone has it in for us, and they need or desire for us to be in constant fear, blending it thoroughly with the ideas of lack and scarcity. With a little critical observation, one can see the social engineering and cultural appropriation and manipulation is indeed widespread and many layers deep, leaving little about life as we know it untouched and without some level of existential and metaphysical distortion.

While on the one hand, these efforts have made (and continue to make) the very few, very wealthy, generation after generation, in another light, they’ve achieved a broadly-based manipulation and control of everything from what we believe history is, to what reality is in the now – and more perversely, what the inevitable future holds. Every element of our accepted beliefs, doctrines, dogmas, and narratives have been under constant attack and revisionist malevolence, yet most will never take the time to look into connecting the dots. This is, ultimately, another symptom of unchecked politicization and the oblivious, reductionist notions fostered by Scientism – which has superseded religions of the past as the New World Faith. It has become remarkably destructive in nearly all walks of life, as this new religion ties in directly with our attachment and artificial dependence upon technology.

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

― Napoleon Bonaparte

The ideas of ascension and awakening would suggest we are emerging and elevating ourselves from some kind of stupor or long-induced slumber – or that we are, in fact, evolving as a species. It makes sense, given our supposed novel ability to sense, discern and recognize enlightened spirituality and the importance of personal responsibility in matters of identity recapitulation and acting in good conscience. But I would argue that we, as a civilization – and perhaps as a species – were well on the way to these ideals over a century ago.

Modern thought leaders, gurus, healers, spiritual teachers, enlightened masters, and those who channel ideas and messages from elsewhere are offering nothing that hasn’t been said before, by those who were in their time extensively censored, misunderstood, misrepresented, scrutinized, shunned, debased, derided and ostracized. Sound familiar? IN today’s parlance, they were canceled. Perhaps they were ahead of their time, but perhaps this darker agenda was already under way.

So what happened?

Consider that if you can control or undermine the epistemology of a society – how they make sense of their world, how they learn about it, and how they are able to frame it – you have an extraordinary amount of control over how they think, what they think, and essentially what they’re permitted to think.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

― Mark Twain

Not too long ago, children were fluently speaking multiple languages, very early on in their education. Many, if not most, were what we would today call “homeschooled”. They knew about plants and animals, about the sciences and the scientific method, about religions and faith, how to engage in lengthy discourse and debate, without needing to resort to ad hominem or other empty-minded attacks on character. They could write in cursive, elegant script. They knew how to grow and prepare their own food. Unlike today, it wasn’t simply a matter of learning by rote, memorization, and repetition. Knowledge was applicable, life skills were an integral part of daily routine, history had context, personal libraries were abundant, and language was far more diverse than the ridiculous emojis and messaging abbreviations of today can afford us, LOL.

Early in the 20th century, some significant changes happened in the modern world. These changes vastly shifted how we educated our children, how we perceived wealth and earned money, and what we believed about our bodies, our health and our wellbeing. Within a generation, our entire school system had been converted to generate workers and laborers for the burgeoning demands of commerce, our medical industrial complex had been born, and the worldwide centralization of economies, finance, and banking had commenced. One might say “they” had effected a certain stranglehold on much of the human species – or, at least, the direction in which we would develop. What ensued was the systematic suppression of real history, of true spirituality, of genuine abundance – and during nearly every decade, the increased erosion and distortion of our human and civil rights.

And yet, the dissidents have never been entirely silenced. Those teachers, mentors, spiritual leaders, scientists, and philosophers of old, who are today revered and finding an entirely new audience among the researchers, seekers, and champions of truth, are finding their information, understandings, and discourses more relevant than ever. Life always finds a way, as it were, and while it has taken us nearly a hundred years to get back to where we had been before, perhaps now we can move beyond the illusions and delusions imposed upon us for so very long.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

― Margaret Mead

The battle is ongoing. Perhaps that is a natural aspect of life here for us humans on this Earth. I don’t know, and as much as I’d prefer it wasn’t so, the reality is that what is, and what appears to be, need intense scrutiny and re-examination. The cracks in our reality are showing. We have been sold so very many lies and distortions in these past several generations, and as part of the process of integration, actualization, and elevation of us in our own hearts, minds and spirits, so, too, must it be for the collective; it is the very nature of this mirror-reality we inhabit at this time and space that what is healed and attuned in the one, is reflected as such in the many.

I don’t believe that it is possible that anything is by accident – especially our choice to come here, to be exactly here at this time and space. What is possible, however, is that we’ve forgotten much of our very nature, our truest capabilities and capacities. It is a lie that we require transhumanist methods and manipulation to achieve what has been borne within us, what hides, and awaits our love, gratitude, initiation and focused attention. It is a lie that we are incomplete. It is a lie that we are alone in all this.

It is a lie that we are not capable of harmony, elevation and, ultimately, an epochal, organic evolution.

Solvitur ambulando