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Whatever your pleasure, be it Mithraic, Christian, Pagan, or any other color or derivation that speaks to your truth, be deliberate and consciously aware; make it your own. Love, is love. “Family” means different things to different people, so celebrate what moves you, today. Your truth will change. Your values will mature and be refined….

100 Possibilities

Here’s a remarkable stretching exercise… 100 possibilities. For you. Check out Kyle Cease in his video “How to Become a Visionary” to understand the premise, and the challenge, and to get a good dose of holy-shit-what? life learning: http://bit.ly/kcvisionary Before anything else in the morning, start writing your list. You may think it’s too many,…

Old Stories

It’s true that you can know where you’re at in your journey — if you’re learning your lessons and growing past and out of the old story — by looking at the people and situations that are in your life….