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Switch Hitting

I’ve been feeling the impulse this past week or so to change my approach, to be of better service to my fellow co-creators in the collective. It’s been an intense process of upheaval and integration this past year, and many of us have powered through, elevated our game, and grown up in ways we didn’t even know we needed to. So how do we keep that momentum building toward greater awareness, greater healing, greater empowerment, and greater resilience?

What’s clear is that it’s not enough — and certainly not effective — to simply share facts and statistics, videos, films, interviews, podcasts and more, exposing the lies of the mainstream groupthink, the medical industry, the clown show that is covid, and the vast ineptitude of world leaders, and their obedient minions in law enforcement. The narrative favors the psychopaths, and they have all the tools to keep beating the masses over the heads with their fabulous fictions.

So, it’s more than a little arrogant to presume I can have any effect on the sheer scale of their machinations, especially since I really have no audience, and those whom I walk beside and/or follow are sharing the same information amongst each other. It’s great, it’s helpful, it’s an ongoing education — but it’s frustrating and, unfortunately, frequently disempowering. There’s simply too much to discern and disseminate, and no amount of social media sharing, peacefully protesting, or grumbling under our breaths about how ridiculous it all is, is going to create a large enough ripple to effectively shift the needle toward the light — not if that’s the only way we can see to make any changes. Boots on the ground is the least effective way to change the world. They know this.

It always comes back to our own personal space, our own personal process, and our own personal journey. We are infinite creator beings. We are fractals of this universe. We are energy and vibration and reverberation. We are the power, and more powerful than we know, yet we cower in fear. We hide behind masks. We fight amongst ourselves, judging, shaming, blaming and berating, rather than addressing the real perpetrators of the crimes; the liars, the factions, the corrupted, the compromised and the truly terrified and weak.

But in truth, they don’t even matter.

In times of such massive change, as we are living and breathing within right now, of course we are going to have to stand up and embody that which we have always professed and claimed ourselves to be. These seemingly monumental challenges that are coming at us at bewildering speeds, are precisely attuned to the very nature of our deepest desires: truth, authenticity and integrity; thought, intention, and manifestation. We are being “forced” to arise from fear, and to stand fully into the power we have merely talked about for so long, to finally, and courageously, step into who and what we really are.

The time is now. We can choose to get wrapped up in the psychosis of empty-minded procedure, asinine mandates and restrictions, backward science and incredibly sloppy medicine, or we can stand in our power. We can tune in within and tap that heart/soul essence, that limitless fountain of faith, trust, boldness and certainty, and burst forth our love-infused reality.

Solvitur ambulando