Tag: romance


being nearby
can be difficult sometimes
my romantic self
wants to kiss you
hold your hand
your heart
your body
to stare into your eyes
in quiet knowing
and disappear the noisy world…

if we’re in it

if we’re in it for the game
we’ll change our name
our face
our attitude…


i could have lost myself in you willingly but life doesn’t obey lines and schedules nevermind all our whims and wants paths diverge and wander as our highest asking is always guiding silently plotting to maintain beneficence to the many; not disregarding the one, floundering frustrated bitterly alone but orchestrating in transcendent tones the instrumentation…

scene: two parts

a chance, for romance? Big surprise, we’re in a posh little restaurant, she groaned to herself. Clara didn’t want to be there, but her friends had prodded her mercilessly, with terrible ideas of cats, and ageing disgracefully. Awful ideas, and I’m┬ábarely thirty years old! So mean, she thought. Regardless, she had relented. Xander had been…

“Legacy” – Official Lyric Video

“Legacy” is a track from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part I http://music.tranceblackman.com/album/legacy “Legacy” by trance blackman ooooh what will be your legacy? what will be your legacy? you won them over the words were free the wool pulled over i say what will be your legacy? what will be your legacy? you work beside her the…