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Sunday, April 13th, 2014

locuswe’re not talking accounting, or what chilling does to certain body parts…

think more along the lines of stature, posture, confidence, emotion, expression, spirit and energy.

we have limitless options, and potentiality. every moment is an opportunity. every thought carries weight. quantum physics would call it the possibility wave, when once observed, actualizes into something physical (now, scale that to billions of times per second); what we focus on, must inform what we create/experience in our lives, one way or another. much of it is unconscious… until you practice your way into awareness of this integral process, and thus you become the conscious conductor of how and what happens for you, to you, through you.

but we don’t generally think in these ways. we’re quite used to the tangible, material machinations, and methodologies. it’s been drilled into our minds in many (most?) cultures around the world, shrinking our reality ever smaller, compressing and stifling who and what we really are.

how has that been working out, so far? we’re perpetual victims, of one system or another.

danger!routine can shroud the greater storyline.

but the tides are wholly turning, as was expected. me thinks we’ve been here before…

fact is, when you’re stuck in the terrestrial, fear is your constant companion, and it keeps you in a space of exploitation, manipulation, and undue influence; how fragile we are. however, in truth, underneath it all, we cannot be harmed, period. but through wilful forgetfulness, we dwell in the drama; we play the game, and we allow ourselves to be played. that’s all well and good, until you wake up to the reality, and realize the folly. it’s quite empowering, unless you choose to judge yourself negatively. this process requires a certain levity, because the utter scale of it is beyond the mind entirely.

collectively, we’re still a bit drowsy. but the effect is wearing off, and grand old illusions are falling away. we’re ready for more. we’re inviting, embracing, exploring unity. we’re purging the slough, touching the heart, and remembering the lightness of all this universe stuff. the once influential characters have nothing original to bring to the table, and their scripts are well and worn out, their suits cliché, and their ranting akin to madness – to those ready and willing to turn the page.

expansion is inevitable. you can’t breathe without it. you can’t challenge yourself, or experience breakthroughs, daring the universe to meet you at every instant – which it does, regardless of the path you choose. it all leads home, in the end. “cool. again?”

be bold.


Remember, Remember…

Monday, June 17th, 2013

crashing wavesthere are many working, diligently, peacefully, patiently, in every dimension, industry, government, in ways that will benefit us all. they work with spirit, with nature, with light, with the flow of things…

there are those working against them, and the rest of us, and against nature, and the flow. this is entirely moot, fortunately, though it may at times seem otherwise.

remember, remember…

there are, and will always be more of the former, than the latter. we’ve defined these adversaries. we are these adversaries.

the power of peace, love, consciousness, and universal understanding can render any “weapon” inert, while concurrently re-minding the one who would wield it that there is no other. there is just the one.

there is no other. there is no there. here, now, one.

you be you, wholly.
you be the change.
you be love.
you be the force that elevates us all.

there’s nothing to fear.
love your life.
live your life.


Saturday, January 5th, 2013

winter's calmdon’t judge too harshly those who came before you. consciously, we’re all doing our best (regardless of individual decisions, successes, regrets, wishes, or woes), yet unconsciously, well that software engine always knows that if we chose to, we could rise above perceived limitation and selective blindness.

in this age, those who profit from ignorance will always search for ways to keep the old stories and lies going, writing page after page, and re-writing pages and re-introducing stories from eras gone by. all the tools of the trade evolve, and so the games evolve. yet, your awareness – always and forever beyond mere human scope – allows us to transcend the games, facades, and falsities.

truth rarely needs repetition; not nearly as much as the grandest lies require.

and so, with elevated clarity, that chapter ends, and a new one begins. your mission, should you choose to embrace it, is to start from this place; this time; this elemental vibration. start now, with love. recognize and remember that you are all they were, and much more: you carry forth their aspirations, you survive their failures, and you know there is more to the picture than your eyes can see.

defy convention, ignore the noise, see with your heart. be idle no more. stupidity, violence, and destruction are machinations of oppression, deception, low vibration and dysfunction (ie. much of our modern governance). they exist as long as we need them to. so, save your finger from pointing at any one person, idea, or event. instead, grasp the paintbrush, pen, guitar, keyboard, shovel, camera, microphone… close your eyes and meditate on what you would rather it be, than what it appears to be.

love your life,