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The Next Conversation

Say something real.

Speak from your authentic space.

Bypass that polite, carefully constructed, dancing-around-the-point, maybe-they’ll-infer-what-I-mean bullshit.

Listen with all of you. If you didn’t hear it, learn to listen harder and ask for clarification. You may hear it later. If you felt it, if it hurt, take a breath, don’t just punch back as if you’re ready to fight. You’re not.

Triggers are merely programs, too. Use them to blast holes in your illusions about your true self. You are sovereign, infinite, and untouchable.

You have the words. Step out onto the invisible bridge. Trust yourself.

We help and heal each other more effectively when we jump into the deep end right away. Your problems are hardly original.

If you trust and rely on the mainstream ideas and entertainment mediums as to how empathic, compassionate, intuitive humans should act and communicate, you’re kinda fucked.

Let’s transcend the cowardly discourse. Fewer ingenuous words with more substance illuminate, excite, shift and shake up the spiritual stagnation we often choose to suffer through.

Anybody can borrow ideas and parrot the passions of the loud ones. What’s your story? What’s your music? What’s your legacy? Why’d you bother coming back here again?

I am listening.

Solvitur ambulando