Tag: truth

disowning monsters

it really is time to uproot the most obvious of the unconscious designs and programs we continue to blindly perpetuate….

you are good

life will always build bridges and roads from you, to you; you can venture far into the depths or across time and dimension, yet upon arriving (or returning?) there again you find more of you. now, you see more. “You are good when you are one with yourself. Yet when you are not one with…

resonant waves

you can keep trying to resist, but the wave is upon us. radical change is the theme of the day, and you might as well learn how to surf; it’s a full-body workout, and good luck if you try to duck-dive through it….


hatred is a most useful tool. it’s sole purpose is to flesh out our truth, in anything….

pretty soon

pretty soon
our eyes will adjust
to the wider spectrum
but not before our hearts
do their parts…