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Creating the New

It is time for something new, in all areas of our existential story. We’ve been wearing out our hearts and minds, cycling around and battling against the same old paradigms and patterns for long enough. Be aware. Be open. Be honest. Be ready.

If you often watch and read the many forms of informational media we have access to, you’ll most likely be suffering from a processing fluency that will have you believing all sorts of nonsense that has nothing to do with what is actually real and true. If you’re living in a persistent reactionary state of being, you’re only maintaining a superficial shadow of your full, whole, authentic self. Think about it. If you only ever see and even distantly involve yourself in all the worldly conflicts that keep coming up about the same, painful issues, you have to at some point be willing to snap out of it. You need to step back, and question the narrative; to expand upon and step into your effective capacity in whatever you care about. You have to see it again with a fresh objectivity to break the trance and hypnosis that feeding on social media and the news channels has twisted your reality into.

What we learn as we go through the process of revealing, uprooting, and observing the wounds we may or may not be aware of, is that what is real about us will eventually emerge from beneath and behind those wounds. When issues of the world trigger us, especially if they cause a strong, reflexive, passionate reaction, there’s something more there for us to learn about — primarily about ourselves. The world outside us is very effective at showing and mirroring aspects of ourselves, and elements of our often multiple-lifetimes-long stories, back to us. We must dare to look straight at it. There is inevitably more than meets the eye, and it behooves us to pause and reflect, and to ask the deep, uncomfortable why? in those moments. It is a critical process to pursue if we wish to ever be free of the anchors and weights of our repressed or suppressed energies.

There is a great deal of pain and suffering in the world. This is not in question. This is nothing new. There is frustration and confusion, impatience with issues that seem to never have any chance of finding resolution, while new and different variations of dangers and threats and existential challenges pile on. There is also a great deal of beauty, peace, regeneration, recapitulation, reconnection, remembering and healing occurring simultaneously. In this vast garden of the human collective consciousness, much is exploding from underneath many old, stale and stagnant layers of our grand, ageless, timeless story. Again, it is upon us to step up and assume responsibility, to finally decide and to reclaim our cognitive, spiritual and creative resources from those who would prefer that we simply keep fighting each other instead.

If you want more war, you shall have it. If you want more to protest against and to resist, you shall have it. If you want more disease, sickness and death, you shall have it. If you want more racism, tribalism, sexism, scientism, technocracy, corporatocracy, iniquity, inequity and societal imbalance, you shall have it. If you want a dead, toxic, poisoned planet, you shall have that, too. Simply keep doing what you have been doing.


Creating the new requires of us something greater; something we haven’t been and done before. It requires commitment to what immediately seems quite uncomfortable, too vulnerable, and too unlikely — even impossible. It requires that we see the headlines, and do more than simply react, do more than judge and take up arms, do more than repeat the actions and words and thoughts and beliefs we have worked with and employed before. It requires of us more than simply following questionable directions, more than simply abiding by suggestions and suspicious mandates. It asks that we remember that human touch heals, that hugs and holding our loved ones are directly responsible for maintaining our health and wellbeing, that our bodies are remarkable, resilient, and more capable than we know; genuine communication can only happen when we can really see each other, when we can truly hear each other, and when we can genuinely feel each other.

The solutions are present. The resources are available, and unlimited. Believe it. Demand it. Live it.

Who are you, and what do you really desire of this life for you, your children, and for those of us who will learn from you?

Solvitur ambulando