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Unreliable Identity

That which we identify with, owns us.

All of our decisions, conscious, and unconscious, stem from that which has been, that which we associate with, that which we adhere to, and that which has been trained into us. In fact, exploring new and unfamiliar territory can be terrifying, for it dwells outside the mould, and represents a loss of control, and vulnerability. Some might call this a reality bubble; our own little universe within which we experience life, independent of everyone else, regardless of how much we think we can relate to what another is living and being.

We are powerful creators, and if there is a part of us (read ego) that simply cannot reconcile an idea, or choice, or desire, we are quite capable at manifesting situations and circumstances that will keep us safe and, well, suffering in our pools of familiarity and what is now known — even if we are constantly wandering about, never settling, never settled, as if we could ever run away from ourselves. And we can convincingly smile through it, so the social (media) circles are satisfied, satiated with ambiguity and vivid pictures.

Life change and new directions be damned! This challenge/situation/problem/issue is eating up all of me, and who has time, or money, to make plans for happiness and joy, newness and adventure, love and romance?

In this time of great energetic upheaval, it is quite often challenging to even keep our heads above the waters of overwhelm. So many ideas, motivators, decisions, influences, data and emotional fragments smash into and out of our mental, physical, and spiritual machines, that we are essentially in a constant state of survival. It’s important to reassess the attachments we allow ourselves to be drawn toward, because these days, the stretching, ripping, and shredding fabric of our life’s tapestry is asking us to simplify. Old paradigms and archaic beliefs are dissolving and the more we try to grasp at handfuls of sand, the more it slips through our fingers — and our wellbeing with it.

The truth is not in the tangible, controllable, manipulable, and transient. It never was. The fires of authenticity demand next-level thinking that is transcendent and expanded. We resist, but we know, that it is easier than we are led to believe, to be whole, to be loved, to be complete.

Love your life,