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Tag: activism

Climate Change: The Ultimate Creative Outlet

As you may be aware, I am not a supporter of climate change alarmism, nor do I believe there is a climate emergency. In my mind, it is one grand hoax. These are not the end times for our world; we’re not anywhere near the “11th hour,” the ice isn’t melting, the oceans aren’t rising, and, no, not everything is going up in smoke (and as a reminder, arson is not wildfire). That said, I care deeply about this wonderful and remarkable place we currently inhabit, and I care deeply about my fellow humans, and I absolutely agree that we can do far better regarding our stewardship of this realm and the ways and means we go about its resource management.

Going to Extremes: Activism and Ignorance

The inane hypocrisy of “university educated” morons, pretending they care about environmental causes when it’s simply about seeking attention for their miserable, empty, pathetic, meaningless small lives. When you’re raised by the indoctrinated Woke and the AI-driven, faction-oriented internet, you’re a captured, mindless, and emotionally stunted child for life. Blame the parents? Maybe. Blame the government? Certainly. Blame the institution of education. Absolutely. They’ve lost their way completely and operate by someone’s deliberate design to consistently corrupt and destroy the hearts and minds of every generation.

Shock Value

It seems in the age of “wokeness” and sensationalistic activism that there has been a swift and severe degradation of our capacity for civil discourse and critical conversation on challenging and complicated issues. The moment a narrative has traction or popular adoption, speaking against it in any way places you solidly in the “against us” category. It’s embarrassing, socially destructive, and clearly holding us back from progressing as a collective.