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Does Not Compute

Choose your battles. Choose consciously where and how your time, energy and attention go. It’s ALWAYS your choice, regardless of what habit or programming you may wish to defer to or scapegoat with.

Our society has some very weak and low energy practices that are by design meant to keep us mudslinging, fearful, numb, and segregated. We are far too passive, gullible, cowardly and manipulable.

Because it is our inherent desire to create, belong, to love and be loved, in the absence of higher, unified purpose and harmony, we default to survival and animalistic behavior.

It doesn’t need to be so. You just need to wake up.

You need to step outside of your self-righteousness for a moment and question your militance and cynicism. Examine your fear, worry, and judgment. Question your competitiveness. Question your arrogance and massive ego. Question your lack of compassion and empathy. Question your victimhood and martyrdom.

How did I let this happen?

Now, in this heightened emotional state and raw presence, LET IT THE FUCK GO!

You see, the desperation, and the need to fight, keep the situations where it’s required to fight showing up. It doesn’t matter if it’s with your self, with family, Big Brother, the weeds in your garden, or your unibrow.

Use the fire to burn off the impurities within you so your clarity of loving, beneficent, co-creative purpose has room to expand… Stop wearing the same old wardrobe if you want to refine your style. Start with a new, naked presence and authenticity.

Why are you hiding?

The real you is critical in this time and place in history and for humanity. Dive in to what really makes your heart sing — surprise yourself… It may not be what you’ve been carrying along your whole life; it’s that, and more. It’s that, and better.

If you can’t come into a fight knowing it ultimately doesn’t matter, you will inevitably have to fight until you do.

Solvitur ambulando