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Soner Arkan - Pexels

Stay on Mission

There are many ways in which events we may or may not have any control over will sabotage the flow of our lives, diverting us from our mission.

What is a mission? It’s our inherent purpose for being here this time around. It’s our reason for getting up in the morning. It’s our calling, possibly our passion, but most likely that task, our challenge, our compass heading wherein we have no fear, but many questions. We may not know how we’ll get there, but we don’t need to think about why we’re doing it.

Stay on mission.

It will change throughout our lives, inevitably – if nothing else, how we frame it, how we package it, or how we codify it for the schedule that will fill up the rest of our remaining days. But it is uniquely ours, and it is absolutely needed.

Our mission is our contribution to the collective ascension toward what unifies and harmonizes. We can observe all variety of chaos and disorder, delusion and dissonance in our world today. In that picture, we can presume that those who wish to siphon off our humanity, to bleed dry our spirits and aspirations, are indeed on mission.

And therein lies our opportunity to get back on mission.

Many have had setbacks, such as losing a business, losing friends and family members, losing relationships, had struggles with their health, and have fought through mental fatigue and psychological or existential futility. Many have realized the careers they were pursuing were absolutely wrong for them. Many have seen the truth of the nefarious agendas at play, and the dark, sick, twisted and disturbing realities of the corruption that belies all of our longstanding institutions.

Many have become utterly disenchanted with the stark reality we occupy, and are desperate for a way out. The trepidation and uncertainty of having everything you believe in tossed into a blender is no small challenge to overcome. Yet, again, it presents an opportunity. The mixed blessing among all this noise is that we can finally and assuredly step into a new life, a life of deeper authenticity, and a life of greater integrity.

We know that the system cannot fix the system.

This is what the world demands of us now. And it guides us unerringly back toward our mission, the pursuit of which will undoubtedly define a new path, a new direction, and a revitalized appreciation for the process of self-discovery. New alliances, new friendships, new businesses and organizations. We cannot simply build alternatives and parallel institutions upon the same old foundations. From the bottom up, from the people, for the people, by the people, is the only way forward.

Stay on mission.

Solvitur ambulando