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By Name

We worry too much in general, but when it comes to weeding the soul garden, we can easily get stuck in the paralytic rigmarole of the process, rather than the effective detachment that heals.

In our modern society, we like to control. We’re addicted to it and its less conscious cohort, manipulation. Labels and the naming of things is one way we play these ideas out. Whether it’s for a child, a spouse or a reason for our suffering, being able to name it gives us a method of control and ownership of it.

Yet therein lies the fear-based noise. Forcing a thing into rigid boundaries of logic and predictability is a way of reinforcing our own blinders while unintentionally suppressing the usability of what is presented.

When it comes to what might be holding us back, hurting us, causing us unrest, or invading our moments of peaceful repose, why does it matter if it’s anything specific?

Whatever it is, all that it encompasses — to the root of its origin and all the weighted, heavy, blurry energy it has carried and contained — we can choose to integrate its lessons and gifts and let the rest go — transmuted with love into the ethers so it may benefit all.

Moment by present moment, we can further our own enlightenment without the need to judge the ever-present void; shadowy aspects are as co-creative as that which is visible and evident.

Our labels are rarely expansive, and our collective has certainly explored constriction, suppression and stifling spirituality enough.

Solvitur ambulando