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If you’re conflicted about a relationship, or career, or life choice (ie. whatever may be weighing on you, affecting your decisions, effecting energetic stagnation, making you wince when others make suggestions for you) you must be willing to sit with it, to explore it; to define your reasoning, beliefs, and perceptions about it.

You must be willing to allow whatever comes up, to come up; be willing to be utterly open, honest and (possibly painfully) authentic with yourself. Tears and screams are cathartic! So are drum circles, acting classes, martial arts, and tribal/interpretive dance . . . The idea: move your energy. Use your energy. Create with your energy.

Be willing to crack the egg, instead of doing your utmost to carry it along, pampering, swaddling, and protecting the illusion of a functional existence. Notice when you’ve become hypercritical of who you are, what you do, and how you do things. Notice, too, when you’ve become this way toward others. You’re clearly skirting the larger issue and it’s time to accept guidance from the deepest part of you. You’ll injure yourself less in the process, figuratively and literally.

Painting your egg with the ideas of settling for what doesn’t feel right, or appeasing the opinions and expectations of those you may care for and respect, is hardening to the heart. Your heart doesn’t need to be caged, squashed, tempered, or timid.

Your truth will never let you get away with what you know is not genuine to and of your soul.

Love your life,