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The Rebel Heart

Don’t settle. Tepid love is a timid heart. It won’t do you any good, nor your kids, nor the world (and it’s depressing to observe). Dare for great. Allow for awesome.

There is strength in vulnerability. The seeds of trust live there.

It has to start with[in] ourselves. A charged, open heart is a magnet (and a vessel) for miracles and massive love. It takes courage and self-respect to reach beyond socialization and stigma, perceptions and past hurts, and what passes for love on TV and in film. There are a myriad of monstrous notions, that taint and twist the serenity and purity of the heart. Broken relationships we experience, or observe, or grow up around, inform the noise. Cultural idiosyncrasies and spiritual suppression inform the noise. Guilt, shame, and embarrassment all inform the noise.

But, it’s all noise, and we must be selective of the frequencies we allow into the sacred space.

We must also become aware of and heal those variations of viruses that may reside in our memories. Our bodies are in a constant state of renewal, where health and vitality are the inherent default, so why wouldn’t our heart be included? While it may exist partially in its own domain, it is the source of all good things, and we can shed emotional callous.

In every moment is another chance to induce a shift, if even at the smallest level.

So on this day, which celebrates all that is heart, rekindle the hearth and stoke the eternal flame. Invite again the dance with the fire, and the passion, and re-engage the infinite and the divine. You have it. You are it. Remember.

Love your life,