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Special Characters

The saying goes, “adversity builds character.” I want to expand on that notion:

Adversity challenges accepted limits, and demands expansion based on latent strengths and characteristics more aligned with our true selves.

Our society is utterly drowned in cowardice, fear, superficiality and politics. We are at the whim of special characters, certainly. It turns the stomach and boggles the mind. We are more comfortable donning masks and fancy clothing, while we chastise those who live in ways that are raw, free, honest, and real. Our group character is lacking, and it’s starting to really agitate the status quo… finally.

Our deeper knowing, our spiritual substance, is peacefully protesting our complacence, and the effect is nothing short of boiling to the surface. We’re tired of “their bullshit” because we’re tired of bullshitting ourselves. Our truth can no longer stand idly by because we exist today in a vibrational shift and an energy that will not go backward. It’s kind of a cosmic sink-or-swim moment, as we’re either going to fully embody the new story (authenticity, heart-centered action, intuition, unity), or disappear. We can no longer simply play along with being played.

Therefore, adversity is an omen; an opportunity and a call to enacting your soul’s will: heed the pain and don’t be so fucking stubborn to trust and embrace the unknown. We inherently know right from wrong, love from fear. We have feelings and emotions for guidance, but we have to let loose the spirals and clouds of angst to reveal the clarity beneath.

We are more. With every breath, love.

Solvitur ambulando
Love your life