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You Want More…

There’s no such thing as ‘more abundance’. It’s either abundance or lack.

If you’re asking for ever more, you’re ignoring all you have. You’re lacking in gratitude. If you’re reading this post, odds are you have more than enough and are already quite abundant. But, as you know, we rarely find abundance in material things. We get the initial dopamine hit with the novelty of a thing, then we get bored and need… more.

Stop watching commercials, take responsibility for the media you consume, and you’ll let go of the insanity of ‘more’. It’s ubiquitous in our dysfunctional society. These lack-based programs are fucking with you at every level. Take back your creator power.

Needs are largely fabrications — ideas borrowed from the ignorant, or sown from seeds of your own traumas in this life. Your fleshly self will always suffer if you believe in the limitations you perpetrate.

You are, thus you are aware. Become consciously aware, and you will reframe the noise. Nothing needs doing. Nothing! You choose to walk, speak, learn, trip, fall and rise again. You choose to merely fuck someone, or to engage in transcendent love, foster deep unity (the real falling in love), and elevate humanity… one pure soul at a time.

You choose to perpetuate trauma, polarity and enmity, every time you rely on that which is outside, else, or other for your wellbeing. ‘More’ resides here, too.

Abundance is the natural state of things. All else is founded on a lie.

Breathe deeply. Look closely. Observe the spaces between. Your existence is a cosmic event, and it deserves a little reverence.

Solvitur ambulando