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We really are in a phase of etheric housecleaning. The collective is moving onward and upward, but the baggage and dense weight of what-has-been is keeping much of the vessel of humanity submerged.

Unreliable Identity

That which we identify with, owns us. All of our conscious and unconscious decisions are influenced by what has been, what we associate with, what we adhere to, and what we have been trained to believe. In fact, exploring new and unfamiliar territory can be terrifying because it is outside the norm and represents a loss of control and vulnerability.

Arise from the Ashes: On Healing and Renewal

I used to think I would never be worthy of a worthy partner in life unless I made something of myself. Though I know where that came from, I’m still not entirely sure what it means. These tenacious weeds are something we all have in our gardens, don’t we? What I do know is that it is not only a story but also a spiritual and emotional prison, never mind a self-imposed penance for an imagined crime. Though it takes time for the scars of shame to fade, I’m grateful that awareness has engendered the slow but cumulative healing process.