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There are individual battles, hard fought, likely justifiable, maybe on some level a rebalancing of things. Regardless, meaningful and reality shifting.

Then there’s modern violence, perpetual and insatiable; an endless battle of attrition with all sides armed, funded, misinformed, misled and manipulated by the same interests and influences. It couldn’t be more obvious.

The entire system of information, news and entertainment dissemination caters to the whims of the monsters, for if they didn’t we would make them outliers or otherwise irrelevant.

Hollywood is horror, terror, war, violence, hero worship, polarizing, propaganda, sexism, misogyny, racism, religion, extremism and glut. It’s part of a self-professed dominant culture that perpetuates mass ignorance, arrogance, and spiritual oppression. Nothing new here.

If we’re not aware of how we’re being force-fed extremely biased or narrow or completely false viewpoints and beliefs, we are part of the problem.

Observe. You can feel it. What is wrong or unnatural always feels off. But we’re so scattered, fragmented and anxious we can’t always see it. That, too, is part of the game.

Your primary concern is not career or a paycheck. Nothing transient and superficial lasts beyond this clumsy, noisy construct.

You’re here to love, allow, attract, and expand on what you are and have been before. You’re meant to fully explore your heart-centered impulses and inspirations; to create and co-create the next best version of the highest vision you hold, for you and for the collective.

It’s beyond power, control, and manipulation. It’s integrating, unifying, trans-dimensional and light.

It’s not taught in school.

It’s the spark eternal, hard-coded in our numerous DNA strands and energetic structures, being held secret by us, from ourselves, only until we’re ready and daring enough to engage it.

Not as seen on TV.

Recognize the futile circular patterns within you, so to vault yourself out and forward. They’re programs borrowed or entrained from someone else. Love is at the core, and once tapped, easily cracks and destroys the illusory weights and imbalances.

Practice being the real you.

You are divine.

Solvitur ambulando