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The Inevitable Rise

When you endeavor to grasp the greater aspects of how this universe works, you really can’t help but venture down a few rabbit holes — and really, that’s an essential step in learning discernment and embarking on an open road to wonder and discovery.

We tend to worry about such superficial and myopic issues, stumbling forward with a heavy bias toward reactivity, cognitive immaturity, unchecked fear and paranoia. If we choose to spend the majority of our waking life utilizing only the older, less developed parts of our brain and psyche, we are choosing to severely limit the scope of our life expressions and potential experiences. We also choose baser instincts, lower energy emotions, and a negatively skewed worldview.

If you want to talk about the climate, how much do you really know about it? Our scientists are only beginning to gather the data, and to understand what’s been happening over the past 800,000 years or so. Have you considered what the sun is doing in this cosmic cycle? Where is it in the galaxy, what kind of energy and magnetism is affecting it now — and where is the Earth, and what’s happening on the other planets of our solar system? The manipulators have reduced it to carbon dioxide, carbon credits, and the most arrogant of solutions, deferring real science in lieu of scientism, contextual misrepresentation of available data, and adhering to dogma.

But, if you’re needing to be afraid 24/7, simply continue to unquestioningly ingest those mad headlines. Yes, our industrialized world is toxic. It’s not helping. But have you decided to change? How much do you waste in your day-to-day life?

In today’s world, we have an overwhelming amount of information, disinformation, contrasting agendas, immature, infantile minds, outdated psychometrics and largely destructive sensemaking. We’re too easily misled with carefully selected facts and limited evidence, and too easily swayed by collective hysteria. This is an important stage in humanity’s development, but perhaps we shouldn’t linger here for too long.

As we continue our organic elevation and our trans-cultural, trans-modal, trans-contextual, transcendent evolution, we will inevitably rise and learn to see beyond what’s always been observed. The emergent layers of knowledge will expand and explode our most treasured paradigms. New language will be required for codifying and discerning the greater and more beautiful world that’s been right here all along.

You’re here for the journey, as a co-pilot on starship Earth. Certainly, consider and take care of the mundane practicalities, and paying taxes, but please, take care to re-mind yourself of your greater essence, tap that original substance, and listen more often to our cosmic music.

Solvitur ambulando