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The Freedom of Missing Out

In truth, you never miss out on anything. Not ever. You may project onto someone or something a belief in a lack, want or need that would be fulfilled, but that’s not the truth.

The truth, is that you’re missing out on the power of now. You’re negating your happiness because of something outside of you.

All energy put into anxiety, worry, stress and fear, is a choice to invest in anti-living. Don’t you see?

Fear of missing out is ripping yourself out of the moment, and projecting into the past or the future. You can’t live in either.

Be here, now.

If you’re meant to be there, if they’re meant to be yours, and if you’re living in a space of love and flow, then it’s all taken care of. Your responsibility is only to stay in the energy of trust, absolute trust, and to let go of expectations. Know that the best outcome for all is in the works, for all time, across all of space. Allow yourself to align with your preferred reality.

Control is not creation. It is anti-living. Act on your exciting impulses (which includes not acting at all). Listen to your heart and your body. Clear and transmute the old, irrelevant programming when it comes up — in this society, we have many layers of it, unless your circumstances and parental situation was exceptionally rare, aware, and literally unplugged from all of the incessant noise.

I haven’t met anyone who has achieved this. Obviously, they won’t likely be walking down any city sidewalk. We’re too heavily infused with the trappings of industry and commerce, and addicted to suffering, heroes, and shiny, artificial things.

Commit to a higher reason to be. Commit to your authenticity. Commit to what’s real.

Nothing is missing the more you remember you were born whole and complete.

Solvitur ambulando