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With a Heart Wide Open

We’re aching to take back our sovereignty from the psychopathy, insanity and inanity of post-industry. At the same time, we’re terrified of living out our long-believed endgame rituals exploring lack, struggle, emptiness and being purposeless.

We forget these are just programs.

It’s never been about the doing. It’s been perverted within us to seem that performing, consuming, achieving, out-thinking, profiting, gaining, slaving and conforming was the ideal. If that’s true, why do we get more desperate and alone and worried and weak as we age?

We were so readily convinced that the “I” held all the value, and “we” was a distant, separate consideration. My car, my house, my bank account, my children, my family, my legacy, my retirement. My ignorance.

98% of the current human experience is moot. We’ve reduced ourselves to selfish, servile, cowardly, monotone, clamoring animals. There is so much suppression of truth, so much filed and locked away, distorted or hidden.

The heaviness is palpable, felt acutely in our cities. We will walk by the hungry and forgotten, to throw half our manufactured food products in the trash. We avoid eye contact so to protect ourselves from seeing their shame, and from them seeing our own.

We avoid heart contact to protect even more lies.

To what end? Happiness is a choice? Fuck that. It’s not even on the menu, but rather blended in with any number of maligned ideas and complicated dishes.

So, give me a life à la carte.

Enough with the competition, callousness, insensitivity, violence, and egoic masturbation. Stop with the telling and selling and commanding and pushing and forcing.

Life is a simpler song, written within a heart uncommon, and a soul-serving lilt. It’s there, always in our presence and calm.

It’s there, in the child’s eyes, father’s laughter, and mother’s smile.

It hides in the forest and dances in the river. It always and forever returns to and to be re-birthed from the sea.

All of us have access to all of life’s ingredients. We can choose to start cooking something healthier and more natural.

We must — now, more than ever — choose with passion, empathy, compassion, authenticity, courage, truth and joy. We cannot alleviate this global energetic encumbrance without a consensus of love.

Be the true you. Then look me in the eye and dare me to dare greatly.

Solvitur ambulando