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Toward Mastery

There’s a general notion that investing ten thousand hours in the practice or training of something will afford us the mastery of said skill, ability, or practice.

Of course, it’s more than simply going through the motions. If there’s no real investment of creative energy, nor discipline, nor commitment to applying any of it, then it’s just time and resources spent.

Are we aware, however, of the tens of thousands of thoughts we have — every day of our lives — that are configuring our reality and training us (and entraining us) in ways that we may both prefer, or prefer not to master?

We know that focused thought, with heightened emotion, affects our bodies.

Positive focus lightens our moods, lifts our spirits and enlivens our energy. We can heal ourselves and build unity (coherence) within our bodies and in the collective. Negative focus creates downward spirals in all these areas. We can harm ourselves, foster distrust and fear the collective.

If we practice meditation and awareness, we can redirect our thought streams, not to control them, but to detach from the weighty heaviness of reactivity and impulse and thus attract lightness and a more natural flow — and a liberated intuition.

But, if we stay in the mired constructs of anger, vengeance, resentment, blame, shame, guilt, fear, scarcity and lack, we can and do master only these aspects of life.

It’s important to consider how and what we choose to feed our hearts and minds.

We can stay informed about the world, if we wish to, without persistently poisoning our consciousness with the endless violence and manufactured fear, drama and negative nonsense of “the news” and most of the mainstream entertainment.

We can engage in debate and discussion and explore differences in beliefs and perspectives with empathy, patience, openness and compassion.

We can transcend our own limits and barriers with conscious effort and practice, with daring, vulnerability and courage.

We can always choose how we react, how we engage with life and those around us.

We are always in the process of some kind of mastery. Look again.

Solvitur ambulando