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what are you afraid of? why are you waiting on the world to change for you? how is it anyone’s responsibility to fix this place but your own?

you’ll sound tough, passionate and occasionally clever on social media. you’ll fall for all the bait placed there for you, keeping you distracted and taking your hits of dopamine, time and again.

then, back to the grind. back to netflix. back to meandering through life and your numb routines. ooh, a notification from the feed. someone reacted to your vitriol!

you fear your friends, and your enemies. you fear the banks, the government, and the lawyers. you are afraid of failure and losing control, while you also fear taking responsibility, standing up for your natural rights, and stepping into your now story.

again, why are you so afraid? or, do you think yourself unaffected? does your dreamtime inspire and inform, and does your waking dream inform and inspire? check yourself. be honest with your own heart of all things.

why do you feel so powerless? acknowledge it, please. start now. vulnerability is not a weakness. it’s essential in seeing the mask for what it is.

your fear is based entirely on illusions and massive, widespread fakery. you believe, possibly unconsciously, that all these things are holding and dragging you down, taking you under and drowning you, yet you forget that it is your own white-knuckled hand also holding on. look again.

. . .

be bold. when you stand in your own shoes, proudly, you will see those around you, and the world itself, change and shift to meet you at eye level.

this isn’t about ego.

exercise your free will. it’s the only way we take back our sovereign divinity, natural laws, and peaceful existence. use your voice. stand up. don’t hide behind social media feeds to scream impotently amongst those who are terrified of getting off their asses and getting their hands dirty.

the media giants will use your own words and your emotions against you, and steer you away from your center, time and again.

feed the love revolution. look into your shadow aspects and recognize your teachers, mentors, co-creators, co-writers and spiritual liberators.

the fear-based nonsense will have no choice but to wither and fade away, as authentic constructs are established and solidified in their place.

unlearn your conditioning and remember.

you’re here now for a reason. you see what’s happening. you feel something powerful in your bones. you sense a quickening in your heart. you know there is enormous change afoot. you know your voice is an essential part of the choir.

so, sing.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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