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beyond time, money, and fear

we work hard to maintain appearances, don’t we? be it banks, government, our schools, churches, the media, or our own selves, there is virtually unnoticeable progress, and instead, slowly swirling eddies of superficial, endless noisemaking.

we look to define our individuality, yet somehow miss the fact that most everyone is doing the same things; wearing the same, driving the same, reacting the same, and living the same quiet desperation.

if you haven’t noticed yet, these are some of the symptoms of conditioning and sustained, systemic disempowerment, countless generations in the making.

yet, we still believe that the solutions for unnatural, systemic failure, will be found within unnatural means: politics will solve politicians and corporate policy; institutional education will solve violence, ignorance and stupidity; money will solve money and social equality issues (and cryptocurrencies will “stick it to the man”); faith will solve spirituality and religion, and new and different ways of using archaic earthly resources will solve energy needs.


the simple and absolute truth is we already _have_ the means to house, feed, task, inspire, engage, unite, empower and awaken every soul on this remarkable planet.

every field has its champions, and every concern is addressed – even the made-up ones. so what’s the real problem?

this is a multi-layered construct we play within. there are interests, influences, institutions, entities, energies, and forces that feed off the mad frenzy. there’s no shortage of sources to research this, and no shortage of confusion and disinformation down the rabbit holes, but it all inevitably leads back to the one.

to you.

when you understand that _every_ thought is a creative projection of energy, you begin to grasp not only why “they” aim to control and maintain these very insane, exhausting, debilitating stories, manifestations, and the mainstream status quo, but also your very potent and infinite prescription for personal, and collective conscious exodus.

we’ve segmented limitless consciousness into seconds, minutes, and hours. we’ve agreed to commodify our waking life into dollars and cents. we’ve proliferated the many changing faces of, and bought into the lies of… fear.

and, that’s completely ok.

we gave ourselves lessons to learn. we created contracts to discover, expand, and explore multi-dimensional agreements. we exist in a unique, sacred place in the universe, endowed with _direct_ access to the source of all things.

we chose to forget… but, for some time now, we’ve been riding into grander elevations and through frequency overhauls. things may look the same, but they’re shifting exponentially.

we’re throwing our ugliness and unresolved issues squarely into the limelight. we’re building conscious communities from the ground up, and with it, holistic, open, unifying, benevolent, next-level information, technology, and heart coherence.

we can heal the rifts and fragmentation within us, and without. we can work in harmony with our planet. we can know safety in a genuine redemption of spirit. we can let loose our tight grip of attachments to the twisted elements and narrative of lesser minds.

we can re-member our god-ness.

watch and unlearn.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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