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conditions will apply

control: to exercise influence over; to regulate; to hold in restraint. . .

sounds familiar. sounds much like the overreaching, imbalanced masculine energy that prevails in our world today.

and, perhaps in many hearts and minds. 60 to 70 percent of our thoughts and emotions are devoted to stress and fear. every moment, of every day. however, the pendulum is swinging the other way.

this isn’t to suggest that the feminine energy is better. either/or thinking is adolescent. both energies are equally important. this is about balance, and integrity, not ego, or bias of any kind. it’s time to grow out of the polarity we’ve been conditioned to exist within.

what we’re learning, through science, spirituality, and the endless pursuit of possibilities and potentials, is the obvious: less, is more.

we’re building new bridges and closing the gap between the esoteric, ethereal, imaginary and what we deem physical and real to us. we’re able to not only heal incongruous beliefs, and emotional dysfunction, but to effect nearly instant physical reparation and remedy disease with thought alone. this is now proven.

it still takes work, and for some a lot of it – i play in this sandbox daily, as i have for my whole life – but consider how this will continue to unravel and dismantle the brutal and violent control of the man-made, profit seeking machines of the world.

the power has always been with and within us, but it isn’t this tiny, mostly hidden thing buried somewhere nearly unattainable.

we exist, play and co-create _within_ it. this very conscious, very ubiquitous, benevolent field is what is keeping the whole story of light and dance and wave and particle math and mystery coherent and comprehensible.

coherence. google it.

our stories, our memories, our accepted parameters are up to us to maintain, or grow beyond.

start with love.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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