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Discovery – Toward Coherence

Deep in the recesses of our minds lives a natural state of coherence. It persists underneath the noise and clamor of the everyday. It outlasts any negativity, any spiral of thought, any deterministic projection or controlling enmity.

It is you, unbound; what predates and pre-exists any of these lesser-organized states, amounts to a purity outside the scope of words.

Imagine it… The forge that allows for any and all conceptions, perceptions, perspectives and polarity; the eternal flame that fires the sun, razes and renews the forest, tempers the sword… the light emanation that summons the dance, explodes from the heart, bursts through the barriers.

Every waking dream offers discovery.

It is our responsibility to claim it — all of us, not only the scattered few who remember the value of discipline and focus. All of us.

We belong here, now. Our judgments will make us feel otherwise.

Across timelines and realities, parallels and concurrences, we chose this journey and experiential unfoldment. There is an absolute specificity to our individuation, if and only when we choose to — and consistently return to — the resonance of our core truth.

It is the requisite surrender to our love that guides us.

Beyond worry and wonder, and the entrapment of fear, sings the voice of creation, inherently free.

Embrace and transcend. Embrace and transcend. Embrace and transcend.

Solvitur ambulando