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hold steady

so long as they can keep us scattered, infighting, and polarized, our dreams of the peaceful planet and the greater harmony that is our natural state, will remain just out of reach.

there is much to be said and understood about momentum, and critical mass.

we’ve been convinced it’s an enormous undertaking. we’ve bought into the idea that it’ll take so many of us to effect significant change that it’s essentially impossible.

we see the evidence daily, if we allow the programming to influence us, of a violent, immature, child race that will never get its shit together…that will always need to be lead, by the bloody nose, to purpose, fulfilment, and security.

wah. poor, poor little human. how easily we forget. stop scooping yourself a healthy dose of that well-orchestrated bullshit, and cleanse your palate, maybe with some bitters or lemon juice.

i’ve been in numerous circumstances – accidents and such – where i should have died, and maybe in a few i did, yet here i come, back again. i chose this time and place, and quite painfully so when the body required mending and recovery.

clearly, the greater part of me, that certainly isn’t this body, has work to do. and no, it isn’t to just toot my own horn. i could give a shit about ego-tripping.

i am passionate about this “work” – these blogs, with the photography, the music, and eventually more films, and some books. the growing movement of the uplifting, spiritual activists, consciousness explorers, awakeners, shit disturbers, energetic catalysts, wayshowers, truth seekers and the like is rolling along quite nicely.

but it needs me. and it needs you. if you’re reading this, you are part of it.

in every moment, the collective questions the validity of what has been, is witnessing and encouraging the breakdown of the indecent constructs, and understands more of what really is, and can be. woo-woo isn’t so woo anymore, as our spirits expand in earnest toward the less maligned energies we inhabit by default.

so, hold steady the vision you truly desire for you, your loved ones, and include your neighbors. soak it in the golden white, with knowing and gratitude, as often and as genuinely as you can. blood relatives may not be the ones who truly relate. so be it. they may one day, but release resentment now. allow for course corrections, as what is value-able will shift as you do.

hold steady the vision of thoughtful, functional, just governance, economy, education, harmony with the earth, social equity, passionate co-creation, balance, trust and hopeful curiosity. remember the adventurer in you, and in everyone. hold space for them.

it’s the why that counts. don’t get hung up on the hows. the why is ease, grace, joy and progress; it’s persistence, soul work, bravery, courage and massive vulnerability.

let loose the tired old rigmarole. it’s exhausting because it is unnatural and manufactured. it is meant to teach, not to rule. remember.

you matter. show us your magic.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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